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The Grand Cru of Ginestra: Remembering Domenico Clerico

When I dream about Italian wine, (which I frequently do) I imagine lush vineyards planted along the slopes of rolling hills. The Alps are flawlessly painted in the background as they are both majestic and powerful. There are Mediterranean style small towns adorned with red tile roofs and stucco walls. In my mind, there is […]

The Perfect Wine and Chocolate Pairings for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is only a few weeks away and there’s no better way to celebrate than opening up  a box of delicious chocolates. But perhaps you ask yourself, what wine should I pair with them? Wine and chocolate can be a tricky combination. Both red wine and chocolate contain a fair amount of something called ‘Tannins.’ Tannins are what […]

Have You Ever Tried Red Wines from Southwest France?

Happy Wine Wednesday! Have you ever tried the warm, authentic, and inviting wines from Southwest France? In 2017, Wine Enthusiast Magazine named Southwest France Wine Region of the Year. After attending a small party back in April where wines of Southwest France were served, I can certainly see why! In today’s article, I am discussing two different types of red […]